You have a Right to Bare Arms

July 18, 2014

These are my arms. They are big. They are fat. They are tan. They jiggle, wiggle, and don stretch marks.

They are strong. They move with me. They help me stretch to reach my potential. And, they look damn good in sleeveless tops and dresses.

They are a part of me, a part of my body. These are my arms, and I have a right to bare them.

You are Awesome

July 15, 2014

How-to: Gibson Tuck without Bobby Pins or Hair Spray

June 25, 2014

I'm not much of a hair person; I'd rather focus on my outfit and makeup, and wear my hair wavy, straight, or in a top knot. BUT, the gibson tuck is so easy to do! All you'll need is a headband with a stretch cord in the back. The stretch cord is the secret to keeping your hair in place without any bobby pins or hair spray. Watch my first hair tutorial and let me know in a comment if you'd give it a try!

First Look at New Wet Seal Plus Store in Visalia, CA

June 23, 2014

Wet Seal Plus has done it again, girls! The grand opening of their second store for plus size fashion was SO much fun! Women of all ages, shapes, and sizes shopped the new summer collection, I met incredibly sweet and amazing viewers, and Hitz 104.9 gave away a $100 Wet Seal gift card. The new location is within the Packwood Creek Shopping Center in Visalia, CA. More locations are opening throughout the summer; follow Wet Seal Plus' social networks for updates.

Special thanks to Wet Seal Plus for inviting me to the grand opening. I loved being a part of the fun. I also slightly freaked when I heard my name on the radio commercials and saw my name on the in-store ads (see above photo for proof). Your team is, and always has been, so welcoming, great to work with, and open to my suggestions and those of my readers and viewers.

Extra special thanks and hello to all of you I met that day! A couple of you drove two hours just to meet lil' ol' me; a few of you were shy at first, then opened up like we were long lost friends; some of you couldn't wait to share with me your awesome finds at the store. I loved meeting you and hope to meet so many more of you soon!

Ok, now on to all the pictures and video!

My First Time Wearing NYDJ | Gwynnie Bee Review

June 20, 2014

Gwynnie Bee, the monthly subscription service for sizes 10 - 32, recently added pants to their vast library of fashion. Yay for all of you that requested pants for the longest time! I'm happy they expanded their selections; I'm not sure if I feel the same way about the NYDJ Bobbie Boyfriend pants. Let me explain:

LOVE IT. The rosewater color is light, ultra feminine, and unlike any other in my wardrobe.

Amazingly soft, plush, and smooth.

Sizing / Fit
Gwynnie Bee suggests sizing down for the perfect fit. As an apple-shaped girl, my waist is the largest part of my body to fit properly. There is no chance is hell these pants would have zipped up, let alone button, in a size 22. Though the pants fit in the waist, they were baggy on the thighs and legs, and especially in the crotch. Great, now you're all probably looking at my crotch in these photos. I totally get the slightly loose fit of boyfriend jeans, but these were just too loose.

So, this is why I'm conflicted about the NYDJ Bobbie Boyfriend pants. The color and feel of the fabric is excellent. Sizing and fit, however, need work, at least when it comes to my body. Should I keep the pants (now you can buy items you love directly on Gwynnie Bee's website), they will need some alterations. Oh, I'll also wear them with a different shoe. I really liked them with my Birkenstocks (see below), but opted for the wedges to compliment the black quilted bag. Bad decision. Next time I'm going with my instincts and rockin' the Birks and a different bag.