Why I Wear All Black

In my teens and early twenties, I wore all black to hide my body. One of my favorite outfits was a black Adidas jacket, black tank, and black velour sweatpants. It was 2005; velour was everywhere. Now I wear the dark hue because of its empowering, minimal, classic, and casual-chic vibes. 

I was inspired to try this look after visiting my friend Denise in LA. She looked so chic in her black tee, jeans, white shoes, and red scarf. My tee is from Lane Bryant. It's soft, but I wish it was a little bit longer. The jeans are by ASOS Curve. I love them! I'm wearing a US size 24 that fits well around my hips and butt. They're regular length, so I rolled up the hems to make them shorter. I topped off the look with white Chucks, black sunglasses, and velvety matte lavender lipstick.

This outfit is quickly becoming a go-to look for me. I wear it because I enjoy the theme, not because I'm trying to make my body invisible. Don't get me wrong, I still have my moments where I struggle with embracing my body, especially my stomach, but they are easier to overcome with a lot of self acceptance, patience, and positivity.  



"Women who wear black live colorful lives." 


  1. Looove this outfit, you look absolutely amazing! I used to wear all black to hide as well (and look 'punk'), but now an outfit like yours is a go-to just because I love the minimal look and the contrast between all black and then white sneakers or something else. :)


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