What I Wore for My Birthday: The Striped Dress

Once upon a time, a person with very little regard for body positivity created a rule that fat girls should not wear horizontal stripes. For years many obeyed this rule until an army of plus size girls invaded the faraway land called Blogosphere. One fair, plump girl, in particular, wanted to wear all the stripes in the land, and so she did. She wore them in different widths, colors, with or without glitter, on dresses and tops, and always with a smile on her face. And she lived happily ever after...

Dress by Maitai via Gwynnie Bee // Shoes by DexFlex by Dexter via Payless
Clutch via Julia Vogue //
 Sunglasses by Target

This beautiful striped dress is by Maitai via Gwynnie Bee. I was instantly attracted to it because of the color scheme and pattern. Luckily, the monthly clothing subscription service sent it to me just in time for my birthday last Friday.

I have never worn a garment with such well-placed stripes. The vertical stripes on the yolk, slanted stripes on the side of the bust, and horizontal stripes from the waist to the hem made for a cool, curve-enhancing dress. On top of that, the fabric was so soft and flexible, which really helped as I downed birthday shots and danced the night away with my bestest friend at the club.

This dress is a must-have for your Gwynnie Bee virtual closet. Not only is it exceptionally colorful and made well, it's also very empowering. They say stripes, especially horizontal, are not meant for a plus size woman. I felt like I dispelled that stupid fashion rule with each step I took in this dress. Others may not like it, but I'm going to wear stripes, or any other styles, for that matter, that make me feel beautiful and confident. What I'm trying to say is: loving and embracing yourself matters most, and if you happen to do so in stripes or some crazy, bold pattern, then even better.

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