After my last post, I was inspired to film a video and start the new hashtag #fatgirlscanwearstripes. All too often, plus size women (and men) are told what they can and cannot wear (horizontal stripes being among them). We are also faced with limited fashion options while straight sizes have all the options in the world. On top of that, us fats are subjected to acceptable ridicule, which further stimulates the idea that we are not worthy of being fashionable or happy in our own skin.

Let's start a movement. A movement that showcases our fashion choices, stripes and all, and love for our bodies. Tweet me or Instagram a pic of you wearing stripes using #fatgirlscanwearstripes. I'll use your photos in a future video or blog post. Now start tweeting or instagramming your #fatgirlscanwearstripes looks. I can't wait to see your posts!