To-Do List

It's 1:42 in the morning and here I lay making a to-do list.

School assignments? Check.
Work projects? Check.
Blog posts? Check.

Where is the ME category? As helpful as a list is, it is nothing if you are not on it.  For so long I've made to-do lists, relishing in the moment I check off a task, but my needs and wants have never made the cut. Why? Am I not important? Do I not deserve the time? Why do I continue to make an effort for almost everything else but myself?

Things need to change. It's time to put myself on the list. I need to be a priority just like my homework assignments and job duties. I need to note my personal goals and necessities to better myself, be happy, enhance my quality of life. It's 2012 and I'm finally putting myself on my to-do list.

Me? Check.