Hot for Haute Couture Fall 2009

On such an emotionally draining day as today (R.I.P. MJ) people of the world need to be cheered up. Whether the cure is music, friends, food, or shopping, the one thing that can always lift spirits is Haute Couture. Just looking at the amazing innovations of talented designers and fashion houses puts me in a better place. If you too are mourning the death of Michael Jackson and Lacroix's last possible couture show, I hope the following photos from Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week make you smile and spark an appreciation for art, design, and living a fashionable life.

Christian Dior

Armani Privé


Christian Lacroix

Lastly, Lacroix's couture finale. It is truly breathtaking.
I call this the High fashion Virgin Mary!

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  1. ROTFLOL - looking at these photos made me teary last night actually b/c they are so beautiful and CL is broke and probably won't be able to do this for a LONG time again. I am glad that you posted it as something to raise spirits though - it let me revisit the pieces when I wasn't as melancholy.

  2. i was going to do a post on the fall lines. grrr u beat me to it

  3. Love the Christian Dior!! Amazing!

  4. Awesome outfits!! very nice dresses, i like all dresses..nice pictures:)


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