Thank God for Granting Me this Moment of Clarity...

...this moment of honesty, the world will feel my truths. - Jay-Z

I've had a lot of time on my hands the last two days. Coming down with a nasty cold will do that to you. I have a lot on my mind and in my heart so I figured starting a blog could be another way to release all these thoughts. Lord knows my fabulous, pink journal can only take so much. Welcome to my life, my happiness, my struggles, my accomplishments... Welcome to Fashion, Love, and Martinis.


  1. Hey Mandy! I feel fabulous -- cause I'm the firs person to leave a comment ;) I am going to add your blog to my "Fabulous Blogs" blogroll. I'd love to exchange links! Gonna follow you too. I adore the name and header design of your blog.

    That moment of clarity you speak of...I know the feeling.


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