My Olay 28 Day Challenge Results

Skincare is one of my favorite things. I started taking better care of my skin when I developed adult acne in my mid-twenties. Now that I’m thirty-two, treating my skin well is a top priority in my self-care routine. I love exploring new products, so earlier this month I started the Olay 28 Day Challenge. For 28 days, the Olay Micro Sculpting Cream and Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream became a big part of my AM and PM routine. Since I’m closing in on the last week, here are deets on how it’s been so far!

My eyes were extra puffy with dark circles when I accepted the challenge. After almost a month of applying the Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream twice a day, the puffiness is gone and my eyes are looking brighter. I gently pat and blend the cream with my ring finger all around my eyes, concentrating on the under eyes, outer corners, and brow bones. My fave part of the eye cream is the color-correcting technology. It immediately brightens just like a concealer — great for those no-makeup days!

I apply the Olay Micro Sculpting Cream on my face and neck after the eye cream. I normally use a gel moisturizer, so the luxe texture and lasting hydration of this cream were a pleasant surprise. Almost instantly, the moisturizer reduces oiliness in my t-zone and makes my skin look healthier with a soft glow. I recently noticed it’s also reducing two small lines near the corners of my top lip. They are most prominent when I wake up. They seem to be getting less visible each morning!

Both the Ultimate Eye Cream and Micro Sculpting Cream are super easy to use and quickly absorb into my skin. If you have concerns about elasticity, both creams are made with peptides and vitamins to plump and firm skin. The Micro Sculpting Cream also has hyaluronic acid to restore moisture and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

One of the keys to healthy skin is a consistent skincare routine. No matter how tired you’re feeling or if you’re traveling, take time out of your day to treat your skin to good products and a little peace and quiet. You deserve it. <3

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Thanks to Olay for sponsoring this post! All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Wow these products sound amazing, will definitely look into both of them!

  2. Olay has always been a mainstay in my skincare routine throughout the years!!

  3. Yes to the glow up!! I have been a regenerist fan since...forever! Since the winter is here, time to get back on a routine!

  4. Wow your face looks so much brighter! I will need to look into this.

  5. Your face looks so different after only 28 days. I need to try this!

  6. Definitely see the Olay difference!!! Looking good mama!!

  7. Only Olay can improve on perfection. Your skin looks amazing. I have to try this out!


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