Well, it's over. I am no longer a twenty-something. As of August 23, 2015, your girl is thirty. I'm trying not to be too dramatic about it (see: this post I wrote about turning twenty-five). So far, thirty is good! I rang in my birthday with friends at Tioga Sequoia Beer Garden in downtown Fresno and Vinis in the Tower District. Craft beers were consumed and twirls were made in my Modamix polka dot skirt courtesy of Dia&Co.

I wish I had my DSLR with me that night to show the skirt in all its glory. It really is adorable and retro. Unfortunately my camera didn't fit in my clutch, so these iPhone photos will have to do. I'm going to Bass Lake this weekend with my family to continue the #mandyturnsthirty celebration. I'll take my camera so I can share the awesome scenery with you next week. Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Y'all are the sweetest. <3


  1. I've always loved the phrase from Thirteen Going on Thirty: "Thirty, flirty and thriving!" It makes 30 sound exciting. I love your polka dot skirt!

    1. Funny you mentioned that because I had a few people on social media and IRL say that same quote. It's cute! :)

  2. Turns 30 and looks so beautiful!

  3. to anonymous commenter above....isn't about time that you stop the internet bullying? this is her blog which means she comes here to store her own memories and thoughts not for trolls like you to comment behind a anonymous face with such a tacky and distasteful comment.

    To my lovely lady...congrats on turning the big 30 and do with YOUR life whatever you please!


  4. Very Happy Late Birthday wishes to Mandy! have a nice day ..

  5. Many Belated Birthday wishes to Mandy! I hope all dreams comes true have a nice day


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