Dear Kate Review

My unmentionables are usually unmentioned here on my blog. I couldn't resist talking about them once I discovered Dear Kate. Here's the thing: even though my shopping options grew as I got older (hooray for online shopping!), my underwear wardrobe options remained pretty limited. Sticking to a well-known plus size intimate brand, I never bothered to look outside those limits as undergarments in my size were difficult to find. If I did find a pair, it was often ill-fitting, uncomfortable, of poor quality, and probably ugly.

Dear Kate is none of those previously mentioned things. The high performance underwear is soft and silky smooth, made from amazingly-designed fabric, fits my hips, butt, and waist, and cute and sexy. After kindly being sent the Vera Hipster with full lining for review, I put them to the test over the course of a month. They quickly became one of my favorites in my top drawer.

I put the Vera Hipster through the ringer. I power-walked and jogged in them. I wore them during "that time of the month." I wore them to bed. I wore them with jeans, dresses, and leggings. I machine washed them on delicate with cold water. I did a lot in them, and not once did they rip, sag, ride up, leak, shrink, and any other underwear-related term that comes to mind.

"The brilliance is in the fabric. Dear Kate's founder utilized her chemical engineering background to create the patent-pending fabric lining each pair of underwear. Comprised of two luxurious microfiber layers and a thin, breathable outer layer, this is revolutionary fabric to the rescue. Dear Kates are designed for real women. Each pair is machine washable, unbelievably comfortable and a peace-of-mind guarantee." - Dear Kate

Let's talk about cost. I definitely had that "sticker shock" look on my face when I saw their prices. I have never paid more than $20 for a pair of panties. To keep it even more real, I almost always buy them on sale to save a few bucks. BUT, the fabric, technology, versatility, and fit of Dear Kates is worth every pretty penny. We all have those pairs of (sometimes not-so-cute) underthings we wear only on our periods. Or, that pair we know will support us as our body moves during exercise. Dear Kate is a better alternative to all of that. It provides the comfort, support, and protection you need without all the fuss and worry. That alone is worth a lot to me and my wallet.