Clinton Kelly Brings Fashion to Fresno

"Fashion is the buffet. Style is what you put on your plate."

"Dress the body you have right now."

"Be you. Be the best version of you."

That's a snippet of the fashion and self-love advice Clinton Kelly, of What Not to Wear and The Chew, shared with a Fresno audience last weekend at Macy's. Kelly started the afternoon style session with a friendly chat, then shared four trends (white, moto jacket, stiletto pant, pencil skirt), four different ways, on different body types.

After ending the presentation with Q&A, Kelly left the audience with very wise, real, and heartfelt words.
"Ladies, you are rough on yourselves. I hate my boobs, I hate my skin. You are setting yourself up for the worst possible day. We are all human beings. Don't hate on yourself. Don't compare yourself to other people. Constantly comparing to others in the media, these images you're seeing are not real. Be you. Be the best version of you."
Bravo to you, Clinton Kelly, for not only preaching great style, but self love and confidence. To see more photos from that afternoon, including my make-shift selfie with Clinton, follow me on Instagram @amanda_allison.