The Quintessential California Girl feat. Living Doll LA

Growing up I always saw girls around the city that looked so California. They wore flowy tops with long, beach wavy hair and fresh makeup. They accessorized with oversized sunglasses, floppy hats, and larger than life tote bags. It was a uniform look I could not wear because none of those pieces were available in my size. Instead of the cool, Californian look, I opted for office wear or plain t-shirts and jeans because my in-store choices were extremely limited.

My inner fifteen-year old jumped for joy when Living Doll Los Angeles told me about their new plus size range. Finally, screamed my teen self, I can dress like those girls. Living Doll LA is all about the fashion girl--the girl who plays with different styles boldly and confidently; Finally, this girl had her chance to play with the California Boho look.

Top c/o Living Doll Los Angeles // Hat and Sunglasses by Wet Seal // Leggings by Torrid
Shoes by Dexflex via Payless // Bag by Louis Vuitton

This kimono fringe top is everything! I received compliments on it everywhere I went, from the post office to the dentist, even while pumping gas. The fringe is out of the world. It has so much movement, yet doesn’t get in the way of every single move I make. I paired the top with my naturally wavy hair and a hat from Wet Seal (I knew that hat would come in handy one of these days). I wore black leggings to compliment the fringe and black velvet print and nude flats to compliment the taupe. I topped off the outfit with my huge Neverfull GM and a light wash of pink-purple lipstick.

I’m impressed with the quality of LDLA. The feel and make of this top, along with another item I received, is so nice. The fit is just right, which is something that worried me considering LDLA is junior clothing. I hope they consider expanding sizes because I want girls on the larger side of plus to get in on this fun / youthful / edgy / romantic / affordable / made in the USA brand.

What is a style you admired as a teen, but couldn’t wear because it wasn’t available in your size? Share in a comment!