January 07, 2013

Shopping for a Plus Size Teen

I remember going into Wet Seal as a teenager with my friends and preparing myself for disappointment as soon as we stepped in the store. I knew they didn't carry my size. I knew I was about to be excluded. Even though I was with my closest girls, I still felt like an outsider because I couldn't share the same shopping and bonding experience.

Imagine how many girls still feel this way? I can't speak for all young girls, but for my teen self, it was about more than having the same clothing options as my friends; it was about feeling wanted; it was about being included.

I am so thankful more and more mainstream retailers (at all price points) are making the plunge into plus sizes. You, dear retailers and designers, make my fifteen year old self feel wanted. You include me. Thank you.

Peplum Jacket by Asos Curve c/o Gwynnie Bee // Skater Dress c/o Wet Seal
Tights by We Love Colors // Boots by Fashion Bug // Bag by Louis Vuitton

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