November 09, 2012

Sweater Weather + Gwynnie Bee 30 Day Free Trial

The moment I've waited for the last two months is here. It's offically "sweater weather" in central California. After dealing with high temps well into September and October, chilly days are finally gracing our 7-day forecast. Thank you, Mother Nature!

This classic Talbots cardigan is perfect for the crisp weather. The smooth, lightweight fabric offers enough warmth so I won't be too cold, while the striped pattern helps break down the belief that fat girls cannot wear stripes. Who came up with that rule, anyway? I love that the stripes on the majority of the cardigan move inward while the others on the sleeve rest horizontally. This, combined with a flowy, draping trim, make for a timeless, curvy silhouette.

Cardigan, Talbots c/o Gwynnie Bee; V-neck Tee, Lane Bryant;
Jeans, City Chic; Shoes (not shown), Nike.

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