Dear Bully

I'm used to getting troll comments on YouTube telling me I'm fat, ugly, need to lose weight, etc. Essentially, those comments mean nothing to me. However, today is the first time a commenter told me, "you should probably kill yourself."

Commenter, would you tell that to someone in person? Do you know how many people have killed themselves over comments just like yours?

You are what is wrong with the Internet. You help fuel the self-hate in people. You are a troll. Even worse, you are a bully.

I'm not sharing this to gain your sympathy. I'm sharing this because every day fat people, skinny people, mentally challenged people, the student who can't afford the latest video game, that girl with the tiny eyes, or the boy with the wide nose get picked on for no reason other than to satisfy a bully's pleasure in another's misery and distract them from their own pain.

Bully, I refuse to let you dictate my feelings about my being. I am worth so much more than that. I hope others that are being bullied, be it online or in person, realize that, too.

Value yourself. Love yourself. Do not let anyone or anything determine your self-worth but you.