On the Tenth Floor

Living in California's Central Valley has it's advantages. I'm two hours from San Francisco, eat the best fruit in the world, and - my favorite advantage of them all - I get to see childhood friends. I've known Anthony and Milly since elementary school, so it's always a fun (read: crazy) time whenever we get together. Last Saturday we went to Downtown Fresno for Fresno Fashion Week's finale party. The bash itself was a big bust, but at least we enjoyed the view of the city and took pictures like it was nobody's business. After staying at The Grand 1401 for about an hour, we went to the Tower District to dance the night away like Raquel Zimmerman in a Lanvin ad.

P.S. I apologize for the poor picture quality, but it was more convenient to shoot with my iPhone since it's glued to my hand 24/7.