What are You Most Excited to Wear this Spring?

This post should've been made a long time ago, but life got in the way of my blog yet again. And by life, I mean complete laziness. Moving on -- last month I asked readers to share items they're most excited to wear this season. From dresses to lipstick, many of you happily tweeted and facebooked your favorite things for spring.

"I'm excited to wear this royal blue, flirty dress. It's warm enough for rainy days and cool enough for sunshine." - Taylor

"Here I'm wearing a Forever 21 + chambray dress. I'm loving sweetheart necklines this spring. They also look great on big busts." - Amanda B.

"Rocking the two trends I love most - a maxi dress and cat eyeglasses."- Crystal

"My new espadrilles!" - Kimberly

"I'm loving Viva Glam VI from MAC! I know it's not new, but it's a great hue for spring!" - Lauren
Let me know if you liked this post (since it's something I've never done before) and if I should do more in the future!