Tibi, Can You Hear Me?

     I first spotted Tibi's lace and silk shorts in the November issue of ELLE magazine - and I've been obsessing over them ever since. Designer Amy Smilovic perfectly combined two of my favorite things (shorts and lace) into one chic package. I could picture myself wearing these shorts with black opaque tights, a blush pink tank and black blazer, my Aldo flats (seen here), and multiple layers of pearls for an ultra feminine look. I would own these beautiful shorts if they were made in my size or if I could squeeze into a size 12. Unfortunately, either of those options aren't likely to happen. So, for now, I'll keep obsessing and hoping Tibi, you'll hear me.

Photo credit: saksfifthavenue.com


  1. these are indeed LOVELY! I love the idea of the pink tank and blazer. It would give a vintage-y feel to it!
    Love Love! <3

  2. Lace and silk? I would die for those in a size 20!

  3. Those are adorable and would match your aldo flats perfectly. BUt I could never get away with shorts. They tend to ride up on my inner thigh, so I gave up on shorts a long time agao. but if that was a skirt..it would be to die for...Anyway, long time stalker, so come visit me:


  4. Just remember all the Skinny Gals need all that Lace to offset being too Skinny for Men to Notice!

    Ok a Stretch. Make sure you tell them!


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