To Infinity and Beyond

With fall finally underway and winter soon approaching, its time to hunt for the perfect winter weather accessories. After all, accessories are the best thing about this time of year, right? Many of you on Twitter claim circle scarves, also known as infinity scarves, as your must-have fall/winter accessory. Inspired by your responses, I did some research and found scarves at almost every price point. No matter how much this accessory may dent your wallet, its versatility is worth every penny. Circle scarves come in various textures, lengths, patterns, and colors. Pair them with your favorite blazer, over a little black dress, or wear as a hoodie to protect your face from the cold weather; the possibilities are fashionably infinite!


  1. They're called 'snoods' over here, not sure why. But I love them and am determined to get one (the leopard print one is definitely my fave!)

    Lauren xx
    Pocket Rocket

  2. I love my infinity scarf! I have a green and black striped on from F21 but, I wish I had a more neutral one like the ones you have pictured here!

  3. I have a selfmade circle scarf in grey and it is sooo big and I love it so much! You could totally snuggle into it. I think I made it in spring because I thought the one from american apparel is actually quite expensive!

  4. I love me some scarves and I am digging the infinity scarves. Mandees had some one sale the other day for .99 so I picked up a few.


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