An Open Letter to Target, Part II

     Anyone who knows me, knows of my love for Target. When I'm out of Pantene Pro V, I'm off to Target. If I'm running low on Clean&Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets, I head to the bullseye yet again. Let's say its one week until an event and I don't know what to wear - well, maybe I'll shop at Target. While I'm grateful Target carries some plus size fashion, that doesn't mean I wholeheartedly admire every product.
     You see, shopping for clothes at Target is a hit or miss. There is no happy medium. Sometimes I'll find something fabulous, but often times I ask myself, "Is that really hanging on the rack?" Another question I've pondered - Why aren't plus sizes available in Target's popular designer collaborations?
     For years the mass retailer has teamed with some of the fashion world's most fun and creative designers. Problem is, these lines start at a small and end at an extra large. If you're lucky, you can make an extra large work for your body - provided a garment is made from a blend of stretchable fabrics (Hello, jersey). 
     Bloggers and women everywhere have had enough. Spearheading the movement for change are Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista, Patrice of Afrobella, and Sarah Conley of StyleIT. Just last Friday, the ladies created the Add Plus Size Designer Collaboration to Target petition; a petition which has already garnered 1,411 signatures!
     Are you tired of plus size fashion limited to five clothing racks? Do you want designer collaborations to include extended sizes? Sign the petition to make Target designer collaborations a lot more fa(t)shionable! 

* Click here to read my first open letter, written December 2009.


  1. i think there aren't plus sizes for the designer collections because those designers don't specialize in designing for plus size women. even if they knew the cuts that would be perfect for plus size women, that is not their target demographic in their brand. why should they tailor plus-size designs to skinnier people when that isn't their job and isn't what target hired them for? frankly, target sizes run large(compared to designer sizing) and the designer collections are the only pieces that truly fit me.

  2. I can see how it gets frustrating. It would be fabulous to see more sizing in the designer wear at Target. I'm all for it!


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