First Look: Private Plane Originals' Bad Ass Hat

The Bad Ass Hat. You either like it or love it - and Private Plane Originals likes it that way. Inspired by the popular biker chic trend, up-and-coming brand Private Plane Originals’ newest hat encourages women to express their wild side in a safe and glamorous way.

Although it’s made to fit women who wants to be noticed, do not let its edgy appearance fool you. I have worn the Bad Ass Hat, transforming it into a feminine accessory suited for my romantic style. This is major considering my style is far from dramatic! Its versatility extends to its construction, for the hat is very soft to touch and secure to wear thanks to the back tie closure.

For a closer look at the Bad Ass Hat, or if you want to get familiar with other hat styles in the collection, visit their website

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  1. I am thinking that this hat wants or rather NEEDS to come live at my house. So cute!


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