What is Your Holy Fashion Grail?

Fashion bloggers have teamed up yet again on behalf of Kristen O'Reilly (stylist/blogger) to answer one very important question: What is your Holy Fashion Grail? Read this great post to find out what I, along with other fabulous bloggers, are on a lifelong quest to add to our wardrobes and closets! Now its your turn - What is your Holy Fashion Grail?


  1. Love yuor grail choice. I don't know what mine would be. Probably a Chanel watch, or a pair of Manolos. I haven't really put much thought in to it. I know I'll see a bunch of grails next time I'm at the mall.

  2. a custom-made gareth pugh dress! omg i could seriously die a happy person if i ever got it.

  3. I think for me, probably the Louboutin Marie Antoinette heels or a Chanel jacket!


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