October 28, 2009

Inside Look: Sephora Ultimate Blockbuster 2009

Sephora, the leader in all things beauty, has done it again. If you're a huge makeup enthusiast like myself, I'm sure you drooled over their 2008 Blockbuster palette. It offered an unbelievable amount of shadows, glosses, blushes, and powders. Makeup junkies asked, "Could it get any better?"
Well, it could and it did. Here is your inside look at the Ultimate Blockbuster for 2009.


  1. Nice! Please post some looks, I would love to see how the shadows, liners etc work...

    Don't forget - if you buy online, don't forget the 20% off til Nov 2!


  2. ooooooo! I love makeup! but 48 dollar makes me cringe since I am all about the cheap!

  3. I saw this in a magazine...I so want it!