Everyday Makeup for Glasses & Contact Lens Wearers

While I'm an avid fan of bright eye shadow with my ODLR glasses, this everyday makeup tutorial for glasses and contact lens wearers is just fabulous. Watch as Miss Chievous gives step-by-step instructions and helpful tips to create neutral eyes and a flawless face.

Things to remember:
  • Apply concealer to cover up under eye circles, which can often be enhanced with glasses
  • Cream eye shadows work well since they don't have any fall out that can irritate eyes 
  • Fill in brows to frame eyes, face, and compliment glasses 
Fat girl tip: Make a round face appear smaller by applying blush behind the apples of the cheek. Blend up towards hairline, then add a light amount of bronzer below blush for extra definition.

Photo credit: Miss Chievous YouTube channel


  1. FAB!!!!!!! And her eyes looks smmoking hot!

  2. Were there lenses in those frames?? If so, I need some glasses like that! Mine are so heavy ugh.

  3. THANK YOU! From one geek chic girl to another. Love ya!

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